Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Classic Fail

An anti-theft program captured the image of a man who may have stolen a laptop computer from Hiram Johnson High School, the Sacramento Police Department said.Sgt. Norm Leong said the theft took place on Oct. 14 sometime between 4 p.m. and the next morning after someone got into a school office.The school's anti-theft program allows computers to be tracked and photos to be taken of people who may be using them, Leong said.

There so many things I love about this story. The most important thing is that you shouldn't steal, specially computers with web cams. I had no idea that computers had such cool anti-theft devices.

Its a fabulous picture of the guy, looks like he was completely ready for his picture to be taking. Little bit of "OOO" face going on. Can't wait to see what his mug shot will look like.

Looks like the guy is in Grounds Keeper Willy's shed.

The guy totally has a tissue in his hand, I can only imagine that the dude's pants are either around the ankles or about to be.

After knowing that, does the school really want its lab top back? Definitely needs to be sanitized afterwards.

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Anonymous said...

Any surprise to anyone that he is BLACK? Shouldn't be bc the majority of them are dumb criminals.