Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Yankees harpoon CC Fatbastardia

LAS VEGAS – CC Sabathia is not going to play on the West Coast. He is not going to play in the National League. CC Sabathia is going to be a Yankee, The Post has learned exclusively. After three straight days of face-to-face meetings between GM Brian Cashman and Sabathia, the big lefty decided he wants to spend the next six years of his career as a Yankee. The decision came late last night after Cashman flew to see Sabathia at his home in San Francisco. By the time the meeting was concluded, Sabathia had informed the Yankees that he had made his decision to call New York his baseball home, the Post has learned.

Like there was any doubt he was going to sign there. The Yankees were throwing so much more money at him than any other team. The Players Associate was putting pressure on him to take the deal because it would have screwed other players of larger contracts.

This is a typical Yankee signing. Sign a guy coming off the best years of his career, and only have him productive for maybe two seasons, then complain about the guy for the remaining four years when he sucks.

He is a fat man who has thrown the most innings in the last two seasons. This is a recipe for disaster. Fat people need to take it easy or they will break down. Probably by year three of the contract. My guess is that a knee will go, because of all the weight they have to hold up.

CC should as fit in perfectly with A Rod in the postseason too. They can compete on who can get booed more. CC has a career 7.92 ERA in the postseason. He loves dominating the crappy teams, but he is not a clutch player.

2009 season prediction with the Yanks: 17-11 3.82 ERA 210 innings 189k's. Not bad, but this will be his best season with the Yanks.

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