Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Baby Bigfoot?

So I'm about to set off for a weekend in the wilderness. And when I say wilderness I mean peeing in the woods and no internet. So nothing is like the great outdoors, and in the outdoors there is always a chance to run into bigfoot or poison ivy.

Here is a new video from Wisconsin, in which the person thinks he captured a baby bigfoot on a thermal camera.

Blogsquatcher---The videographer had this to say:
A baby bigfoot is seen here on the ground looking up to a branch in a tree just before it leaps up and swings through the tree's.
A photo later of a person 5 foot 6 inches, has shown this baby bigfoot is about 4 foot tall.
I don't know how the videographer knows it's a bigfoot. Maybe he'll answer some polite questions. I can see what looks like legs as it runs away, but it's so briefly on screen, I really am not sure what I see.

UPDATE: The videographer, who goes by the screen name replures, replied to my questions this way:
I was standing on the ground, and fell to my knee to start recording.
The reason I say bigfoot, is because it has the profile of a humanoid just before it leaps for the trees, and the reason I know its not a human is because of its speed and stealth through the branches.
I did go back to the spot with a person, and had the person stand where this thing was, the person stands 5 foot 6 inches tall, from this estimate the critter is 4 foot tall.
I would have to argue that I'm not so sure it has a profile of a humanoid in that brief moment before it leaps out of frame (which I cannot, unfortunately, get the YouTube file to freeze on..). I see something that looks a bit like a tail shooting off to the left. I also see what looks like ears up on the top. If I were going to guess, I'd say it was a fox or some other canid. It doesn't look like it's going up into a tree to me, either. It looks like the shot is at an angle down toward the ground, and the animal simply trots away.

Personally I think it is a cat.

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hopefully no firecrackers go off in your tent. That would suck