Thursday, June 18, 2009

Man bets and loses $21,000 on baseball game decided by a flock of seagulls

Deadspin---Betting on a mid-June AL Central baseball game seems like a brilliant path to financial freedom, but believe it or not, there are dangers. Like a flock of birds attacking Coco Crisp and costing you a $38,000 payday.

Aaron Smith, of (I assume) Las Vegas, put down two bets totaling $21,750 on last Thursday's matchup between the Royals and Indians, What would possess someone to do such a thing? Well, Zack Greinke was pitching and that guy like ... never loses.

If you don't know what happened, here is the video. The game went into extra innings and was decided when a ball took a bad bounce off a seagull. This is why you shouldn't bet on baseball.

EDIT:MLB will probably pull this video any second.

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