Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday, I am to lazy links

  • Elderly man has shit beating out of him. TCPlam
  • Teen gets hit by 30,000 mph meteorite. Mirror
  • Women who missed fatal Air France flight dies anyways. Times Online
  • Two dudes marry tree. Guess they got wood.
  • Smart women have better sex. Mail Online
  • Obama takes on Federal Reserve Bank=dead Presidents.(must read) MINA
  • That chick from the Hills is posing for Playboy, no not LC. Dlisted
  • Iran gets their voting ballots from Florida. The Guardian
  • Lions loose in Hotlanta. WSBTV
  • GPS gives really, really bad directions. WSBTV
  • And the video of the day. A bird attacking people in the streets of San Fransico.

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