Monday, June 15, 2009

Billerica's Town Manager gets it

This is for everyone that has been to, or knows about Billerica. I like to think Billerica is in some permanent time vortex where time stands still. Apparently so did the former Town Manger when he busted out these awesome quotes.

Some individuals, and I'm not one of them, are stuck in the '80s

Wendy's is considered to them to be a wonderful thing.

I look at [Billerica] as a town that needs a lot of work.

I'm just saying that you don't photograph well. You don't have curb appeal.

Wow, I couldn't have said any better myself. Except for that Wendy's comment because it is the only Wendy's for like 20 square miles, so that shit is a wonderful thing. It's still the only town in America where guy's still peg their jeans, old ladies have more shoulder padding then the football team, and it has the highest hair spray per capita in the world.

Seriously next to Mac 2's, Tom Glavine, and dumb chicks with fake boobs nothing positive has ever come out of Billerica. The Town Manager who quit after making these quotes is obviously a outsider. He sees what people have been seeing in Billerica for decades, possibly for centuries. So I understand why he quit after saying these things. Because people in Billerica like living decades behind modern fashion and technology. (Most popular car is the Iroc-Z) This guy was rocking the boat. Billerica needs a leader that is willing to wear (MC) Hammer pants with Doc Martens. Not some guy that wants to better the town. So good for Billerica.

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Anonymous said...

Nothing beats Billerica girl! Some of the best sluts hail from BMHS. They have passed the test of time and never failed.

A couple notables for you via UMass:
Pierpont girl, Kimmie(worked at the front desk)

The little zipppa head Yoko. Oh yes she was a BMHS girl.