Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Media now picking up the Champ story

Champ mystery grows

Burlington Free Press---A cell-phone video of a “creature” that appears to be swimming in Lake Champlain near Oakledge Park in Burlington last weekend is sparking renewed discussion about “Champ,” the lake’s legendary monster. The nearly 2-minute video, taken at sunrise Sunday by Burlington resident Eric Olsen, 37, shows an object moving across the mouth of the small cove and beach area at the park.

At several points during the video, the object appears to raise its “head” a foot or more above the water’s surface. At other times a portion of what appears to be a torso, several feet in length, also can been seen.

“I was just filming the water when, out of the corner of my eye, I saw something move, and I turned toward it and tried to zoom in on it,” said Olsen, a Web site developer and musician.

Glad to see that some attention is being drawn to this video. I will still say that it is some sort of quadruped, probably a deer. But here some some screen shots from the video.

When you compare these photos with the famous 1977 photo of Champ it does look a little similar.

Personally I always thought this photo was fake.

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