Friday, April 25, 2008

Asian trash pickers are mythical creatures

I totally understand that people collect bottles that people through away, and return them so they can get the deposit. There is a lot of money to be made in peoples trash. However, the trash pickers in my neighborhood are creeping me out.

So this morning I bring out my recycling bin, like a responsible yuppie that I am. I place it on the curb, look around and there is not a signal person around. Go back inside and grab my work bag, and head out. Probably took me 20 seconds to grab my bag. When I come out, there are two Asian people already collecting my empty beer cans. I have no fucking idea where the hell they came from. Its like they appeared out of thin air. They seemed nice, but wasn't sure if they spoke English. They seemed very occupied by their score.

I am thinking I may be on to some cryptozoological break through here. They could be some sort of gnome creature from middle earth sent here to save the planet by recycling my beer cans. Or they could just be dirty people that have beer can radar.

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