Monday, April 28, 2008

What's up in Indiana?

Been following this story for a little while now. Defiantly something is fishy in Indiana. The number of UFO reports has distractedly shot up. Along with strange booms, and weird lights.

INDIANAPOLIS – Loud booms and strings of flare-like lights that brightened the sky two nights in a row over north-central Indiana may have been F-16 fighter jets on training missions, an Indiana Air National Guard official said Thursday.

Fighters jets are not allowed to go sub sonic over residential communities. Unless, of course they are chasing something.

From the first pic, it is the UFOs reported since March. Heavy increase in Indiana.

The last three I bogarted from WWKI Country radio station, that had them on their website. WWKI radio is located in the same town as where the sonic booms were heard. These are the same lights that were seen in Stephenville, Texas

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