Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sticky Fingers

MUMBAI, IndiaA laboratory technician who allegedly tried to make a quick buck by stealing samples from the Indian sperm bank where he worked has been arrested after a doctor tipped off police, authorities said Tuesday.

The employee allegedly stole the sperm from a sperm bank in the western city of Aurangabad, and tried to sell 101 vials of it to a doctor in Mumbai for about $625, Aurangabad police chief Krishna Lal Bishnoi said.

Who steals sperm? If there is a black market for the stuff I would love to know. I haven't had sex in what seems like eons, so I know I got plenty. I think I can sell my boys in vials called Lucky's Salty Syrup. I think it would be big in China, they seem to be into anything exotic or salty.

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