Friday, May 2, 2008

Going on a bachelor party this weekend

So I am going to Portland Maine tomorrow for my friend Rocco's bachelor party. I guess we are going to a topless donut shop. Sounds fun, even though I don't eat donuts. My friend Slush who isn't going sent out an email on how he thinks the evening will unfold. This is the email.

k ladies as most of you already know I will not
be in attendance for this weekends festivities,
however on the eve of such a momentous occasion I have
just a few predictions and subseqent warnings for you

1.I hear maille and gonzo are sharing a room, so trust
me when I say that isn't "glaze-frosting" on gonzo's

2.billy will be the first one to suggest hookers.

3.even if u dont get them he will.

4.bilodeau will trip and fall head first into an
enormous K-hole.

5.charlie will by far be the drunkest kid there and
require assistance later in the night.

6.ricky chow will drink no more than 2 mic-ultras
before switching to bottled water. will play pool but noone will win cause your all

8.lucky's onions will look like they were rolled in
ketchup and he will pass out sitting up.

9.after the beers run out the entire event will
devolve into a giant game of ookie-cookie and as the
guest of honor rocco will gladly accept the prize.

So in closing I would just like to say move quick
stay low and tilt one for me.


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