Tuesday, May 6, 2008

New report of Lake Monster in Minnesota

LAKE CITY, MN -- For some, Lake Pepin in Lake City is known as a great spot to reel in that big one, or for it's beautiful scenery many enjoy while sailboating.

But there's something else, something that isn't as obvious to the naked eye.

It might be considered a mystery for those of us who don't live there, but ask any local and they'll swear it's real.

Nestled about 40 miles northeast of Rochester is the largest lake on the Mississippi River.

Lake Pepin is home to sailboats and anglers, but a creature of a different kind has been spotted amongst the waves.

Steven Raymond, lives in Lake City says, "I said slow down, and when I turned around and looked again, the log went under water."

Steven Raymond knows the people of Lake City, but he has no idea what he saw when fishing on Lake Pepin.

Steven says, "What we had seen was three distinct humps and one of the humps looked like a face sticking out of the water; just before he slowed the boat down, I took a picture."

That was three years ago and Steven says he can't find the picture.

Well if I took a picture of a lake monster I really wouldn't lose it. But I have been studying them for a while. That being said, I have never heard of anything in Lake Pepin before. I am not even sure if the trophic level could support a large animal. But this sounds like a classic miss identification. "Three distinct humps" sounds like someone saw a weird wave in the distant, and thought it was something else. Until I see some more reports I will let this story go.

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